Program launched to help truck drivers find parking on turnpike

WICHITA, Kan. This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and the Kansas Turnpike Authority is celebrating by launching a new program in partnership with Kansas Motor Carriers.

This new electronic system helps truck drivers know what potential parking spots are available in six service areas through Oklahoma and Kansas. All of these locations have a digital sign on the roadway that will tell a truck driver what available spots they can go to at that location.

Drivers can also go to the Kansas Turnpike website to see what locations along the turnpike are available.

The Kansas Turnpike CEO says this is not only important for truck drivers but for everyone on the road.

" Safety for our truck drivers is very important. It's also very important to other passenger vehicles that are on the road as well. So to have a location where they can go and know its safe for them to park is important for everybody, travelers and truck drivers themselves."

The turnpike says it will be spending over one billion dollars on many other projects over the next 10 years on improvign the turnpike. Some of these include raising bridges, improving ramps and drainage issues.