7-year-old battling cancer asks for cards from around the country

7-year-old battling cancer asks for cards from around the country

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VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KXII) -- Days after being diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, one girl is winning the hearts of people around the country.

Seven-year-old Katelyn Davis was diagnosed just over a week ago with an aggressive form of childhood cancer and shortly after, started chemo.

In hopes of lifting her spirits, Katelyn's neighbor, along with her parents, are using social media to collect what they call "happy cards" from people all over the United States.

Katelyn hasn't had the easiest couple of days, she's at Dallas Children's Hospital undergoing her first round of chemo, with her dad Fred Brown by her side.

Back in her hometown of Van Alstyne, Texas, Brown's husband, Bobby Davis Sr., and neighbor Jill Martin, came up with an idea they thought would help her stay positive through her battle with cancer.

"We're asking people from everywhere to just send her a card to just to put her smile back on her face because she's got the cutest, cutest smile," Davis said.

Said Martin: "Send your love to them, letters, cards you name it, boxes, I don't even know, surprise me."

On Saturday, Martin posted a video on Facebook asking the community to come together and send Katelyn cards.

"Send some of your love to them," she said in the video. "Letters, cards, you name it, boxes, I don't even know. Surprise me."

So far, Martin's effort has worked. Since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than 5,200 times and shared more than 120 times.

"My hope was to use it in a positive way that people could team up and connect with people that we wouldn't even know," said Martin.

And although Davis and Martin aren't sure how many cards they've gotten, Katelyn received cards from all over the nation, including Pennsylvania and Hawaii.

"She's getting gift cards, she's getting stuffed animals -- cards galore. and we just want them to keep coming," Davis said.

"The fact that it's going crazy all over social media I think is a wonderful thing because its such a blessing to this little girl," Martin said.

Katelyn is expected to be home in the next couple of days, but will have to return to Dallas for her chemo sessions once a week for the next several months.

You can send Katelyn cards at the following address:

Katelyn LaFaye Davis
772 Eagle Point Road
Van Alstyne, Texas 75495

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