Pet psychic communicates with animals

Pet psychic communicates with animals

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT) -- One couple attended the a pet festival in Twin Falls, Idaho for one reason: the pet psychic. Lorrie the Pet Psychic flew in from Michigan and became a hit.

The Hopkins did not leave disappointed.

"She's really informative," observed Steve Hopkins. "She's spot on on everything she said."

Lorrie has been reading pets for the last two decades as a third-generation psychic. She talks to pets like she would normal people.

"It depends how they're going to communicate with me," Lorrie explained. "I'll hear them or they'll show me pictures or however they're going to communicate. They're not all the same. If a dog is hurting, they can show me where they're hurting or not feeling good, they'll show me or let me feel that."

Take the Hopkins' 7-year-old pug, Rambo, for example.

"[She said] he's got rear leg problems," Steve said.

"We kinda could see it," agreed Erica Hopkins.

But that wasn’t all that Lorrie read.

"She goes, 'You thought you're here for your dog, huh.' I'm like, 'Yeah.' She says, 'No, we're here for you because you're not taking your medicine. He's telling you that you're not taking your medicine,'" recalled Steve.

According to Lorrie, Rambo is concerned for Steve, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

"When I get angry or fidgety or kind of in a bad mood, he starts shaking, comes up next to me, looks at my face, trying to calm me down and everything. I just pet him and I'm fine," Steve said.

After the session, Steve said he will do more for Rambo than take his medications.

"He's gonna get his cheese sticks more often," he added. "[Lorrie] told us that he hasn't been getting his cheese sticks, so now we got to start giving him cheese sticks. It sounds funny but that's his favorite thing. I open the package and he'll come running"

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