Adjusted daily schedule draws mixed reactions from Wichita parents

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WICHITA, Kan. Thousands of students in the Wichita school district wrapped up their first day back from Summer Break and with the first day came changes to their schedules.

This year, Wichita public school students start and end their school days 10 minutes earlier than last year.

After the first day back Wednesday, parents weighed in on their kids getting out of school a little earlier than last year. Several appreciate the slight change, but others are indifferent.

The schedule change for students began prior to last year when the district decided to eliminate 15 days out of the calendar to save money. This was made possible with longer school days. Most elementary-school students in the Wichita school district didn't get out until 4:40 p.m.

In a survey, parents said that was too late. So this year, the district made the 10-minute adjustment.

More changes come with mixed reaction from parents Eyewitness News spoke to at Minneha Elementary School Wednesday, but the parents are overall pleased with the education their children are getting, no matter what time they're released to come home.