Advanced cameras protect your home from porch pirates

It's the time of year that many of us are waiting for packages to be delivered to our doorstep.
Some thieves take advantage of this time of year.
Now with motion sensors, sirens and cloud storage there are options to protect your home.
They're called porch pirates: people who steal packages from your home.

One way to prevent them from getting your loot, aka property, is surveillance.

"First thing you want to know is where you are going to place your cameras and how many you think you may need, for the porch pirates and things like that, one on the front door is typically what most people want to go with,” Ryan Calder, Best Buy Smart Home expert, shows us security cameras have come a long way.”

We have smart phones, and now smart cameras.
"They come in a wired or wireless option, so battery operated, and connect directly from your wifi system from home. There's going to also be a button within the app to allow you to have a conversation with whoever may be there, whether it is a friend, UPS or someone you may not want there."

So whether you're down the road or a couple states away, you can talk to the person on your doorstep.
"This is exactly what the doorbell ringer is going to look like when you view it on your phone."
"Most typically you're looking at $200 for a starting point," said Calder.

Most are wireless and record the video on the Cloud, making it a built-in theft deterrent.
"The benefit of that as well though is if someone were to come up and steal the doorbell itself, you'd still be able to have that video to send it to the authorities."

Here are some of the price points: you can see the ring doorbell at $179 dollars, or Arlo system priced around $230.
The Best Buy expert tells us that installation is pretty simple and designed to be a do it yourself.