8 tips for your summer road trip

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 5:57 AM CDT
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AAA says road trips are a more common choice for families this year as local governments impose warnings on nonessential travel. Here are some things you should know if you're looking to hit the road.

1. Road trips still pose health risks.

Even though you get to avoid crowded airports, it's likely you will still stop at gas stations, stores or restaurants along the way. As communities and states have different PPE requirements, AAA says you should take a mask and disinfecting supplies with you.

2. Plan a few extra days off to monitor your symptoms.

After traveling, either stay home and monitor your symptoms or get tested. "If you do leave the state, you probably do want to keep yourself quarantined for 14 days before interacting with family members and friends. or get yourself tested and make sure you have that negative result before going out and resuming your daily activities," said Matt Bert, travel agent with AAA. A number of testing sites now offer asymptomatic testing. After traveling, do not go out in public until you received a negative test result. KDHE updated its travel quarantine guidelines, and says you should quarantine for 14 days after traveling to some states and all foreign countries. You can see the new guidelines

3. Families are renting RVs and campers for the first time.

AAA says more people want a camper this year. Whether for a road trip or a weekend at the lake. If it is your first time renting, AAA suggests taking extra time to learn how to operate the camper, and learn where the blind spots are. "It's not as easy as hooking up the trailer and going out camping. You need to make sure that everything that you're doing, you're conscious of everything that needs to be done and you're conscious that you have an extra 20 to 30 feet behind you," said Bert.

4. Give yourself extra time to learn about your rental.

When you're ready to get out of town, be sure you have an extra hour or two to get comfortable with the rental. Learn where the blind spots are, and get used to the wider turns, longer stops, and more resistance from Kansas wind.

5. Be prepared to share the road.

Highways and interstates may be noticeably busier as more families opt for road trips. Watch out for RVs and campers and give them extra space.

6. Look for discounts on week-long rentals.

AAA says if you're going to rent a car for a road trip for five or six days, a week-long rental may cost less than the daily rate. Even if you don't need it for the full seven days, it could cost you less and you can return the vehicle early.

7. RV and camper rentals may be hard to come by.

Estaban Castaneda, owner of Outdoor Adventures RV in Kechi says he's booked for the next month. "people are trying to avoid hotels, people are trying to avoid airplanes. people wanting to have their own restroom, it seems like a big part of it. they don't want to go into public restrooms."

8. While several RV companies are booked for the summer, it isn't impossible to find one.

Outdoorsy is a website where RV and camper owners can list their rentals. Search your area on the

to see listings near you.