Affidavit: Former Pratt secretary admits to bomb threat

Court documents show a Pratt woman admits to making a bomb threat at the school where she worked.

Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo was arrested and charged with terrorism in November after the threat.

According to an affidavit released this week, the district received an email message that stated:
"How much do you care about the safety of your students? Somewhere in the school I have hidden several bombs. You have 2 days to find them before I detonate them. Good luck, you will need it. There very well hidden use your imagination if you do not want to have many deaths in the school district."

That email was sent from an "Antony Dumb".

During their investigation, USD 382's technology director determined that the email was sent from within the school's computer network. The affidavit states that the message was traced back to a computer assigned to Rodriguez-Oviedo, who is a secretary at Southwest Elementary School.

That computer was seized. Officials checking the computer state that the browser history had been deleted. They also determined that a second "identity" had been set up on the computer.

The affidavit states that surveillance footage shows Rodriguez-Oviedo was seated at the desk and using the computer at the time that message was sent.

Authorities contacted Rodriguez-Oviedo on November 8 and took her into custody on charges of Aggravated Criminal Threat and Computer Crimes.

During their interview with her, the affidavit states Rodriguez-Oviedo admitted to writing and sending the email. She also admitted to sending the message to herself several times to see what information the school district would be able to see.

According to the affidavit, she told authorities that sending the message was a "dumb idea" that she got after seeing news coverage of other threats.

Rodriguez-Oviedo claims she sent the message to "see what it felt like."

She told authorities she had no intention of manufacturing any form of explosive device. She said she owned a 9mm handgun, which was at home in a locked box at the time of the interview.

USD 382 facilities were closed for two days following the threat. That threat also prompted the cancelation of academic events to which fourteen other districts had been invited, as well as the cancelation of field trips and other school events.

Rodriguez-Oviedo faces a terrorism charge and a charge of Unlawful Acts Concerning Computers.

She is no longer employed by the district.