Alligator statue stolen from Riverside home

Published: Feb. 20, 2017 at 4:05 PM CST
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"Al" the friendly alligator statue has been missing from Marsha Carr's Riverside home since last week.

"I would like for the people who caught it to be fed to some alligators," said Carr.

Carr says the 5-foot-long, 250 lb. alligator statue was stolen in the middle of the night. She wants to know why anyone would steal it.

"He's well-known; people know who he is and we'd like him to come home," she said.

Marsha says her husband Tom purchased the gator statue for $250. It was an anniversary present four years ago.

Marsha hand-painted "Al" and Tom placed the creature in wet concrete to secure his space in front of their home.

The gator has protected that space for three years.

"He looked like he was crawling out of the rocks," said Carr. "He kept the geese off of our property."

She says families would often stop and take pictures with Al.

"Little kids and their moms and dads would come by, sit on him, put their hand in his mouth, play with him, talk to him," said Carr.

Friends of the family posted pictures on Facebook of the statue's "brother" hoping someone would recognize Al and bring him home.

Marsha fears she may never see her alligator again.

"I hope they didn't throw it in the river somewhere," said Carr.

If you have any information about the missing alligator statue, take a picture and contact the Wichita police.