Alumni help KS high school bring back homecoming spirit

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STAFFORD, Kan. After a year without a school band, students and alumni from all ages reunited and rehearsed Wednesday night for Winter Homecoming Friday at Stafford High School

From current middle school students to Stafford High School alumni from the 1960's, the band members reunited for Wednesday night's special rehearsal.

"I know that we didn't band and so I thought, 'You know, let's get the band together,'" says 2017 Stafford High School graduate Luke Alpers.

This school year is Stafford's first without a band at any school activities. The school lost its band director last spring after she accepted another job.

Alpers says the band brings spirit to the games and gives the crowds something extra to cheer about. With that in mind, the collective effort from current and former students came together to make Homecoming special.

In all, 25 musicians came together in just a week to form the pep band for Stafford High School's Homecoming .

For 1969 graduate Linda Hiebert, the response to the invitation to join the group was "an easy yes."

"And we just started spreading the word and social media was a big part of that to me at reconnecting with some alumni," she says. "And I don't think anybody doesn't want a band, even if they're not musicians. They want a band at the games."

The band's first performance is at Friday's pep rally ahead of that night's Homecoming games.