Andover eCademy offers flexible K-12 classes from home

Published: Aug. 31, 2018 at 5:47 AM CDT
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Learning in a traditional classroom does not work for everyone which is why some districts are expanding options for students.

Andover eCademy provides students with a combination of virtual and traditional education. Students are able to work at their own pace while receiving tailored attention, and personalized instruction and encouragement needed to succeed.

Colton Binion and his two younger brothers are eCademy students, taking all their classes online. His younger brother was the first to start in 2nd grade after developing some health complications.

"He really was begging as school started approaching the time to start and he did not want to go back so we put him in and he's going into 6th grade. It can be a struggle because I'm having to play mom and teacher and sometimes they don't want to listen to mom as teacher but I think we've worked through those and for the most part it goes pretty smoothly," says Beverly Binion.

Binion was a stay at home mom before eCademy but says she never expected to home school.

"Surprisingly, it's been really kind of neat to be here when that light-bulb goes off and they have that aha moment and 'I get it' if it's something they've been struggling with, it's been very rewarding which has kind of surprised me."

About 350 kids are enrolled full-time at eCademy. The school enrolls Kindergarten through 12th grade students from all areas of Kansas.

Principal Mark Templin says there is no typical eCademy student. Some want or need to support their families by working sot hey need a more flexible class schedule. Others are enrolled in time consuming extra curricular activities like sports.

Templin says students just need to get rid of distractions at a traditional school. He's seen kids get back on track with virtual school.

"Many times, we have students that come here, thrive and then go back to a brick and mortar setting. And we don't consider that a failure, that's a success to us. We've kind of rejuvenated that student and gotten them back on track with their education and now they're ready to go back to a brick and mortar situation and thrive there as well."

ECademy is a tuition free public school program. Parents interested in enrolling their kids find information on their website at

or by calling 316.218.4470.