Andover school district outlines plan for continuous learning

ANDOVER, Kan. (KWCH) Andover schools are in a similar position to districts across Kansas, preparing for continuous learning from homes as, for most gatherings and activities, school buildings are closed for the rest of the spring semester.

In Andover, teachers will dedicate 10 office hour per week where parents and students can contact them via email or by using the Reminder app. The district will continue using an A to D grading scale.

"Grades are a local decision. Every school district in the state will choose what they are going to do," Andover Central High School social studies teacher Kara Belew explains. "In Andover, we are doing grades, with a great deal of grace. If we have a student that's not engaging with a class we have not heard from them, we are going to call them and say, 'hey, how are you?' Our main concern is the health and welfare of our students."

Expectations will vary by grade level. For example, the kindergarten level will require students to spend 45 minutes per day on class work. Three hours per day will be required for high school seniors.

For Andover, virtual school starts next Tuesday. It's a situation that's not ideal, but deemed necessary to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

"It's just heartbreaking not being able to see my students," Belew says.