Anti-Trump protest changes hands after reported threats

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Two students, one in high school and one in college, originally planned a gathering in Old Town for Friday night to protest the country's new President-elect Donald Trump. But the protest has since switched hands.

The protest set for Friday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. has a Facebook event page that describes the protest as a time "to have our voices heard if you may feel your voice was not heard in the election."

According to the page, the original creators were Tristan Orsak and another teen. However, they have posted about receiving individual threats and do not feel safe continuing in organizing the event.

One of the teens posted, "This has gone way way way out of control. This is not mine or Tristan Orsak's responsibility anymore. All we did was simply give a time and place for people to gather and discuss their feelings. I am scared for my safety and the safety of others."

It wasn't clear what exactly the threats were. Lauren Molloy, who identified herself on the page as a friend of one of the teens, wrote she didn't know if the threats came from Trump supporters though it was her "best guess."

She also wrote, "Mostly just very hateful individuals who are frustrated that we want to speak up."

Since the reported threats, Djuan Wash, a local community activist along with Evan Shaheen took over organizing the event. On the Facebook event page, Wash posted offering his assistance to the organizers as he said he has experience with organizing protests in Wichita. Wash has experience with leading Black Lives Matter movements in Wichita previously.

After Wash and Shaheen took over, Orsak posted, "I'll be there for support but I'm glad someone more experienced has taken the lead they will do great things with it."

Wash tells Eyewitness News the two young adults are terrified for their safety at this point. He said only one plans to attend Friday evening.

Wash also posted on the page the event is not intended to be violent in any way and protesters should not engage with anyone counter protesting. He writes there will be trained peacekeepers at the event to help keep the peace.

Wichita Police said they are aware of the event and plan to be there to protect everyone's safety. Wash posted on the event page that he had spoken with Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay who told him officers would be there to protect the protesters First Amendment rights.