Arctic Outbreak, dangerous wind chills

Arctic air has moved into Kansas. Bitter cold today with highs in the teens and 20s. The freezer door remains open tonight through New Year's Day with dangerous cold wind chills tonight through Monday. Wind Chill Advisory and Warnings go into effect tonight at midnight. Frostbite can occur in 30 minutes or less in these weather conditions.

Arctic high pressure will move out of Canada into the northern Plains tonight and Sunday settling over Kansas and Missouri by New Year's Day with some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in several years. Records may be in jeopardy. Dangerous wind chills, dropping the "feels-like" temperature into the -15 to -25 degree range tonight through Monday, with the coldest wind chills each morning. Temperatures remain in the ice box through the week with afternoon high temperatures struggling to reach the freezing mark by the end of next week. No measurable precipitation is in the forecast, just a few flurries today through Sunday night.

Wichita Area Forecast:
***Severe Weather Alert Sunday/Monday***
***Wind Chill Advisory: Midnight - Noon Monday***

Today: Cloudy to partly cloudy, breezy. Wind: NE 10-15; gusty. High: 19.

Tonight: Becoming mostly cloudy. Wind: NE 5-15. Low: 5.

Sunday: Morning clouds, becoming mostly sunny, bitter cold. Wind: N 10-15. High: 12.

New Year's Eve: Partly cloudy. Wind: N 5-15. Low: -3.

New Year's Day: High: 13 Partly cloudy to mostly sunny, bitter cold.
Tue: High: 24 Low: 0 Mostly sunny.
Wed: High: 29 Low: 13 Mostly sunny.
Thu: High: 30 Low: 8 Partly cloudy.
Fri: High: 33 Low: 14 Mostly sunny.
Sat: High: 43 Low: 18 Partly cloudy.