Area schools offer free app to report mental health concerns

Grief counselors have been available at Wichita Southeast High School, helping students and staff cope with the death of a student.

That student died by suicide inside the school last Friday.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness says suicide is the third-leading cause of death for people between the ages of ten and 24.

But, experts say talking with someone about how you, a friend or a loved one is feeling can be difficult.

Several school districts around Sedgwick County have partnered with CrimeStoppers to give students a way to get help online.

It’s an app called P3.

A student can open it and click “Submit a Tip” - then select what they want to report is happening at their school.

They can report if they think a friend or peer is dealing with suicidal thoughts, and submit it anonymously.

You can attach social media profiles or screenshots that show why there may be cause for concern.

Right now, P3 is available for Wichita, Derby, Maize and Goddard School Districts.

The program has been in place since October of last year, and so far - they’ve received 83 school-related reports. Those reports range from bullying to suicide concerns to potential school attacks.

"It's just an avenue for students, parents and staff to reach out to us,” said Officer Kevin Wheeler with CrimeStoppers. “Because I know there's a lot of times where people may not feel comfortable speaking with a police officer or speaking with a counselor, but this just gives them that avenue to remain anonymous and feel like they can reach out to someone."

Students can also use the Wichita-Sedgwick County CrimeStoppers Website to submit a tip.

The website allows students to give more detailed information that isn’t listed on the app. That includes a section to indicate the school, grade of students involved and details on their specific involvement.

You can download the free app by searching “P3 Tips” on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

More information on services provided through Wichita Public Schools can be found on THIS WEBSITE