Arkansas City teacher asks community to sponsor kindergartners

ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. (KWCH) Emily Soule is a kindergarten teacher in Arkansas City. She's also Eyewitness News reporter Kristen Boxman's sister, for full disclosure.

While some teachers spend their summer breaks relaxing, she has spent hers making sure her students start the school year off right.

Many of Soule's students are low-income. So, each year, she asks people to sponsor one child in her class on the first day of school. Each student gets their own book to take home.

"It's the sponsors who make it easy because there are so many people that want to help and want to do right by these kids," said Soule.

She pairs her students by numbers because school policy doesn't allow Soule to share names, but the sponsors don't mind.

"They genuinely care about the students as young minds without knowing their true identity or names," she said.

Most of Soule's students are on free and reduced lunches. So, many would go without their back to school gifts if it weren't for their teacher.

"Many of them said 'this is for me?' and my response is 'yes, this book is for you.'"

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