FF12: Arrest affidavits released in case surrounding custody of Evan Brewer

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) We now know more about what led to the arrests of Evan Brewer's mother, Miranda Miller and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine. Documents also show how the Department for Children and Families tried to help the child.

According to the probable cause affidavit, police arrested Miller for Aggravated Interference with Parental Custody after many attempts to contact her with protection from abuse orders.

The affidavit says in May, Evan's father, Carlo, filed a protection from abuse order against Miller and the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office tried several times to serve it. Deputies left business cards and eventually taped the PFA to her door. Each time, they said, nobody answered.

The document says in early August, a detective and officer went by the home again and Bodine told them he was packing Miller's things because she was moving. However, the affidavit says Bodine would not tell the investigators where Miller was going or where she was at the time.

Officers also contacted Bodine and Miller's landlord, documents say, and the landlord provided a picture of Evan showing he was healthy that he said he obtained from Miller.

These documents also give us the first look at how the Department for Children and Families tried to help Evan. The affidavit says a DCF worker stated she had received several intakes about Evan and had gone by the house three times on separate days. The worker said she also sent a letter to Miller and emailed her as well as going by the home a fourth time and leaving a note and DCF pamphlet.

The affidavit also says officers monitored Miller and Bodine's social media pages with references to the PFA's and custody issues.

Miller was arrested by SCAT officers in August.

According to the second probable cause affidavit, police arrested Bodine after a disturbance he had with Evan's father, Carlo Brewer and Brewer's wife, Sara Brewer.

The court documents say Carlo and Sara went to the home where they believed Evan was living on August 11, around 11:15 p.m.

The Brewers told police that Carlo got out of his vehicle and went to knock on the door of the residence.

They said Carlo and Bodine got into a verbal disturbance and Bodine came out with a hatchet in his hand. FactFinder 12 obtained a copy of this video from the family though it is too dark to see what Bodine has in his hand.

They said Bodine ran at Carlo with the hatchet, and he retreated. Then Bodine stated that he was going to use the hatchet to flatten the tire on the 2002 Chevy Tahoe which belonged to Sara's stepfather.

The entire time Sara said Carlo continued to ask, "where is my son?" That can be heard clearly in the video FactFinder12 obtained.

Carlo said Bodine started yelling at Sara who was in the vehicle and that after he stopped yelling at her, he slashed the tire on the Tahoe.

Police say when they went to ask Bodine about the incident, he first refused to answer the door. When he finally did, an officer asked him to explain what happened and Bodine told them he flattened the tire.

On August 30, police again interviewed Bodine about the incident. At that time, he admitted that he did take the hatchet outside to scare Carlo. He also admitted to damaging the vehicle tire which Sara was sitting in.

Bodine said he only used the hatchet defend his property and to scare the Brewers.