Assistance available to those in Sedgwick County amid COVID-19 outbreak

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) More people and families are feeling the economic impact of COVID-19. Now, two Wichita organizations are partnering to give them the help they need.

The Wichita Community Foundation announced the Stand With Wichita fund last week.

It provides financial support to people out of work or seeing their hours cut because of the virus and need help paying utility expenses.

Jill Skaggs, the Emergency Social and Disaster Services Director for the Salvation Army, said the organization is administrating the funding and working with utility providers to keep these services going.

"Could really impact someone this summer and we're really hoping through generous donations in the community that we'll still have funds this summer that we will be able to help people. Cause maybe my check is small now and I'm able to pay something on one of my bills but I need help later in summer cause we don't know what's going to happen," Skaggs said.

The funding is part of $100,000 the Wichita Community Foundation set aside to help individuals and non-profits. The Stand with Wichita Fund for individual assistance is also supported by donations.

Funding will be available on April 1. Individuals interested in applying for Stand With Wichita can call The Salvation Army at 316-263-2769 x148.

Donations can be made online at WCF’s link,