Baby koala’s name to bring “Hope” to those affected by Australia brushfires

(Source: Zoo Miami)

(CBS) The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, also known as Zoo Miami, welcomed a new member Thursday.

In a Facebook post, the zoo said they welcomed its first koala born in 28 years. The new joey was named "Hope" in honor of the animals killed in the bushfires.

“It is our desire that this baby koala will help to bring a small ray of hope to all that are suffering in Australia and be a symbol for a positive future for the priceless wildlife that lives there,” the Facebook post says.

Hope was actually born on May 30. It takes six months to be fully developed and considered strong enough to emerge from its mother’s pouch.

Zoo officials say they are still unclear about the sex of Hope.

The Zoo Miami Foundation has been collecting donations to support animal relief efforts. Anyone interested in donating, can click here.