Barrel racing community rallies around woman with brain tumor

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita woman found out she has a brain tumor and can no longer start her freshman year of college at Central Florida in the fall.

"I got a call about thirty minutes before I was leaving and they said don't get on the flight because I have a brain tumor," said Jessica Schreiber.

Now, Schreiber's starting her fight against a brain tumor, but she's not alone.

Once her fellow barrel racing community in town heard, they organized a benefit race to pay for her treatment. Hundreds registered for the race Sunday and there was also a silent auction.

All the proceeds went to the family to help with medical expenses for chemo and radiation treatment.

"We want to honor Jess today with as much money as we can to be able to help her in her treatment."

But the support didn't even stop there.

"We did present her today with another horse named Vegas. It's one that she's always liked when she came out here to Hope and the Valley. We all know horses can help heal, so we want her to have twice the horse power to be able to heal from this brain tumor."

Hope and the Valley says they'll take care of the horse while Jess undergoes treatment. She says the support she was shown Sunday means the world to her.

"Just knowing that I have the support behind me has really been an eye opener and it just really gives me the courage to fight," Schreiber said.