Bars prepare for surge in customers during NCAA games

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Old Town bars expect this week to be the busiest they have ever seen, and they've been preparing for the NCAA tournament for months.

"This is something Wichita and us specifically have never seen. We feel like it's going to be maximum capacity pretty much all week," said Daron Adelgren, a general manager at Pumphouse.

Public and Brickyard prepares by painting tables and stocking up on food and alcohol.

"Things like this are so special for the city," said Brooke Russell, who owns Public at The Brickyard. "It means a lot this is happening.....local business owners are really thankful they have something like this to really bring money into the community so that we can hire more people and create more jobs."

Planet Hair will close on Thursday for the games. It will then have parking attendants for clients Friday and Saturday.

"We know it's going to be unlike anything we've ever seen before, so we're really preparing for triple to quadruple in business," said Russell.

Bars expect the surge to start Wednesday, but Saturday is predicted to be the busiest.

"The last time we actually had a sales record was when St. Patrick's Day was on a Saturday, so take into account that and The NCAA," said Russell.

Public and Brickyard ordered 30 more kegs and 100 cases of beer that will be delivered Wednesday.