Bethany College to offer students free trip to Sweden

The President of Bethany College, William Jones, announced the Swedes to Sweden program.

Starting next year incoming freshman will go on a week-long educational trip to Sweden for a free trip will happen once they complete sophomore year.

"I think it's a great opportunity I think most students wanna go travel abroad at some point during college and this gives them the opportunity to do it for free and learn about Sweden which is a big part of our heritage here at Bethany," says Skylar Hembree.

Jones says taking advantage of the Swedes to Sweden program won't only benefit students educationally, but will also help them land their first post-grad job.

"Based on research based on employers folks are looking for students who have graduated with a study abroad experience will make great employees for their business," says Jones.

The college is able to fund the Sweden trips with the help of donors.