Better Business Bureau gives creator of Fortnite 'F' rating

Photo: Pixabay/Epic Games

(BBB) 'Fortnite' creator Epic Games received an F-rating from the Better Business Bureau following hundreds of complaints from upset customers.

The Eastern North Carolina Better Business Bureau lists 271 complaints made against Epic Games in the last year.

According to the BBB, 247 of those complaints have gone unanswered.

The majority of the complaints made against Epic Games dealt were in regards to customer service and refund or exchange issues.

One person wrote,"I have purchased a lot of items from epic Games they all stopped working , Epic Games refuses to respond on several attempts. I feel
this is fraud. They have been paid and I have nothing and no help to resolve this issue."

Some customers reported that their accounts had been hacked into or stolen and Epic customer service did nothing to help.

The BBB says they have reached out to Epic Games several times but have not heard back.