Bikers ride for missing 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Saturday marks two weeks since 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez disappeared. Multiple searches by police have turned up empty but the community continues to have hope that Lucas will be found safe.

Dozens of people gathered on Saturday night to honor him with a vigil. Lucas's mom and father were there along with dozens of strangers to light candles, release balloons and pray that he is found safe.

Before the vigil, a group of bikers gathered in Boston Park for a ride in honor of Lucas.

"This is family, this is what we do and we are here to bring the little kid home. It's aggravating and frustrating and as a parent, it infuriates me," says Tim Briley.

This man doesn't know Lucas or his family, but neither do many of these people.

"All I can say it overwhelming right now cause that's what i see its just amazing to see all these bikes out here today and these people that just want to be here for Lucas," said Melissa Ortiz, one of the vigil organizers.

After they rode, they lit candles and released balloons in hopes they get something, anything, a tip to what happened in return.

"We will do whatever we can, whatever it takes to bring that little kid home. No matter what the end result is to get them some closure because it's just not right to make anyone suffer in that manner. Especially a little boy like that, that didn't deserve anything, but to be loved and cared for," said Briley.