Bill could lower tax rate on food in Kansas

You could soon spend less at the grocery store.

A new bill would let you decide if you want to lower the sales tax rates for groceries.

Adalynn is helping her dad, Adrian Johnson, shop for groceries in a Leeker's Family Foods in Park City.

"This one always wants everything that she sees," Adrian says.

That's why at their household they build a grocery budget.

"Usually we sit down like once a week or once every two weeks to see just how much we can spend," Adrian says.

So, Adrian says he'd support seeing the tax on food be phased down to two percent.

"I'd vote for it to be lower if we could, just like anything, the more money you can spend on everyday necessities helps you out,” says Johnson.

However, other shoppers did say Kansas has lowered its taxes too much.

If the Kansas legislature passes it, then it would be up to voters.
We asked Leeker’s store manager, Steve Morrison, how it would impact stored.

"I don't know how much it would really increase sales for the whole picture for all of grocery stores, but I'm sure the consumers would enjoy saving a few cents on the dollar," he says.

If passed, the tax on food would go down to four percent in July 2019, and then two percent in July 2020.

No word on when this bill may be moved forward.