Bill would require seat belts on school buses

TOPEKA, Kan. With the Kansas legislative session six days away, we're starting to see some early bills filed by lawmakers.

One bill filed, if passed, could impact school buses in the state by requiring seat belts on all of them. The bill, filed Tuesday, was done so at least in part in response to the November Chattanooga, Tenn. bus crash that killed six children.

The bill's sponsor, a Republican representative from Clay Center, says the bill was filed at the request of her constituents.

After the Tennessee crash in November, we told you that ADDING SEAT BELTS IS A BIG INVESTMENT, costing about $7,300 to $10,000 per bus.

Another challenge is making sure kids wear the seat belts properly. Six states currently require seat belts on buses, but only California meets the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommendations.