Billboard removes rapper's song from country chart sparking controversy

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line believes the wrong question is being asked about "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X.

He says people are asking whether it's a country song, when they should be asking if it's a good song. His answer: "Boom, yes, it's a good song."

''Old Town Road" generated controversy when it garnered enough streams to land on the Billboard country chart two weeks ago, but Billboard removed it for not being country enough.

Jimmie Allen says musicians can't control who likes it or where it charts, so they just create music and the right audience will find it. Shay Mooney of Dan and Shay says he envisions a whole arena of people bouncing to that song, and he will be one of them.

Billy Ray Cyrus has added some country cred to the song by doing a remix with Lil Nas X.

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