Blue green algae warning hits Marion County Lake and many other Kansas lakes

Marion County, Kan. Several lakes throughout Kansas are under a blue green algae warning and that has many families nervous about spending time at the lake.

Isaac Hetts is the Director of Marion County, when he recently sampled the water, he was a little bit less than happy with the results

"Back in April, it did come back positive about 100 percent of the algae in our jar was at the top. that was the first time that i had personnally seen it," said Hetts.

Marion County Lake is one of several lakes across Kansas that the KDHE put under a blue green algae warning this week. Some lakes like Marion Reservior are only under a watch. Here's why, if you are swimming or ingest the water here at the lake Hett says to shower with clean water. if you feel sick or nauseous to contact your doctor.

Hetts says because of the blue green algae warning they have noticed less people coming to the lake compared to the last few weekends.

Since officials put out the warning of blue green algae, the lake has been seeing less visitors than normal, and with less visitors..the county receives less money during the season.

"The lake depends on revenue from people visting the city, it benefits from people coming out and recreating and so it hurts the park, it hurts a lot of things when that blue green algae comes around," says Paul Attwater, a Marion native.

Hetts says if the warning continues these boats and jet skies will probably visit another lake and they'll lose money.

"If this warning stays in play we will notice, i mean the change will be in the thousands." said Hett

KDHE will come back next week for more testing to see if the lake will continue to stay under a blue green algae warning.