Bonds pay for school improvements

Published: Aug. 15, 2017 at 6:53 AM CDT
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Students are headed back to school and some might see some upgrades.

Several area school districts will be making improvements due to a 52 million-dollar bond.

Goddard residents are already seeing the benefits.

A new lot behind the football field is under construction and is expected to be finished in about a month.

One thing that will be improved at all schools will be the parking lots.

Eisenhower high-school, Explorer Elementary and Amelia Earhart Elementary school will all get new lots.

For the past few weeks, maintenance crews have been repairing wear and tear to the lots.

Director of Facilities Craig Phelps says they're making repairs now so a complete overhaul of the lots isn't needed later.

"We're grinding out the cracks, they're refilling the cracks and then the whole project is done adding the high-school here, they'll come back in and we'll do a top coat and repaint the whole parking lot," says Phelps.

Another district seeing bond improvements is Clearwater, USD 264.

Their 15.8 million dollar bond passed in April and will be used for building improvements and the construction of storm shelters.

District officials will also be making student safety a priority with their bond dollars.

At Goddard high-school, intruder locks are being added to every door where either students or staff could be inside.

At about 350 dollars each, the doors lock from the inside so no one can get in without permission.

District police chief Ronny Lieurance says they've wanted to add this extra security measure for awhile.

"Part of my job is to ensure student and staff safety. There's not a day that goes by that I don't consider the what ifs.This is just another one of those items that I can check off my list to make sure we do the very best we can to keep our kids safe," he says.

Newton will also be making safety and security upgrades if their bond passes.

Residents will be voting their 62 million-dollar bond on November 7th.

It would go toward improving safety measures at all schools and also storm shelters, classroom renovations and a new science wing at Newton high-school.