Botched microblading procedure leaves Kansas City woman with 'crazy brows'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF/CNN/KWCH) A Kansas City, Missouri woman is disgruntled even though a microblading procedure on her eyebrows left her looking more surprised.

Jami Ledbetter says she used Groupon from her kids in the fall. She was excited for the microblading procedure because she was actually born without eyebrows.

Microbrading is a process where someone tattoos your eyebrows with either little needles or a small blade.

Ledbetter's procedure cost $250, and she says it got worse over time.

She was so embarrassed about the botched microblading that she says she only went to work, to the grocery store, and then back home.

"I was devastated, 'I was even dating a guy, and he stopped dating me at that point," said Ledbetter. "If I would have known it was going to turnout like this, I probably would've never done it at all."

She is now going to a different tattoo artist to begin the process of fixing this.

The person who did the initial, botched microblading will not face any regulatory action at this time.

Microblading is not regulated by the state of Missouri.