Bound puppies to be fostered until adoption

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Thursday, September 13, 2018

(Wichita Animal Action League)

Wichita police say the owner of two puppies found with their muzzles bound could face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

Eyewitness News went inside the apartment where the two six-week-old puppies were found on Wednesday by a maintenance worker.

"It made me sick to my stomach. I had tears in my eyes I was angry, upset, mad all at the same time," said Wes Petty.

He was looking for a leak from a broken pipe when he found the puppies - silent - inside a dog kennel.

"I saw a dog kennel in the corner. I didn't think there were any dogs in there because they didn't make a single sound while we were cleaning up the water mess," he said.

Petty immediately notified his boss and called the animal shelter. The Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL) also responded.

"[They were] sitting in their own urine and feces and it was a godsend, a happy moment for everyone once I knew that they were going to get the help they needed," recalled Petty.

WAAL says the puppies are brother and sister. A veterinarian says the rubber bands were likely around their mouths less than 24 hours.

While no the rubber bands didn't cause permanent damage, WAAL says, if Petty hadn't found them when he did, things could have been much worse.

"It's like a child. You can't do this to your pet and it's wrong all day, every day," said Petty.

The puppies are recovering and in good spirits.

Petty says he hopes they're able to stay together since they were found together.
"I don't need any praise for it. Let's just make sure they find a good home and make sure this person is charged," said Petty.

The puppies are in a foster home now, but they will be put up for adoption. Keep up with the pups and find details on the Wichita Animal Action League here


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wichita Animal Control and the Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL) seized two bound puppies from an apartment Wednesday afternoon.

Sarah Coffman, the founder and executive director of WAAL, said an employee at the apartment complex found the puppies while searching for the origin of a burst pipe.

Coffman said the puppies were in a kennel and their mouths were bound with rubber bands.

Animal control picked up the animals. They were taken to a local veterinarian who determined that other than being muzzled, they were not hurt.

Coffman said the puppies will be fostered until they are adopted.