Boxer mix 'Evie' recovering from injuries in stabbing, Wichita police investigating

K-9 Karma

WICHITA, Kan. A 3-year-old dog is recovering in Wichita after someone stabbed her out on the streets.

The boxer mix named Evie had surgery Sunday and she's expected to make a full recovery, but police haven't made an arrest in the case.

Local animal advocacy group K-9 Karma says Evie's case isn't the first time they've seen something like this happen. K-9 Karma Animal Advocates, Inc. President Jessica Sherwood works with dozens of dogs every day. Some are ready for their forever homes, others need more care following disturbing instances of abuse or neglect.

When emergency veterinarians first began to work on Evie they thought she'd been shot. But after X-rays and emergency surgery, they discovered it could have been something else.

"Someone stabbed her with a very large knife or maybe a sword," Sherwood says. "It went in and was pulled back."

Sherwood says the stab damaged Evie's spleen, but the knife or sword also punctured her stomach and small intestine. Sherwood says this isn't the first time she's seen something like this.

"About a month ago, we attempted to save a dog named Zander who was stabbed. He ended up not making int and died from his injuries because he also had Parvo on top of it, so his body just couldn't fight to live," Sherwood says.

She says the most difficult part of taking in these animals is knowing that someone would hurt them on purpose. She says cases like Evie's and Zander's happen far too often.

"We do this every day. This is not the first. Evie is not the first. Zander is not the first. They won't be the last. There are always going to be people that will injure an animal. They'll always have that cruel side to their head. I don't know why. That is where we step in."

Sherwood says the next few days will be critical to Evie's recovery.

"The first five days is always the toughest," she says. "It is the blood loss -- keeping the blood pressure up and the infection down.

But she remains optimistic.

"(Evie) is doing really well," Sherwood says. "If we can get her to get eating, she might be able to leave in the next few days and get into foster care and on to her forever home."

If you'd like to help support K-9 Karma and contribute to the effort to get Evie and many others the care they need, you can donate on the advocacy group's website.

Anyone with information on Evie's case or any case involving animal abuse should call the Wichita Police Department's Animal Service line at 316-350-3360.