Brad Pitt asks Nick Hague, ISS crew to review new movie, 'Ad Astra'

(CNN) Actor Brad Pitt had the chance to interview NASA astronaut and Kansas native, Nick Hague.

Brad Pitt asks space station for review of his new movie

Hague has been on the International Space Station since March.

Pitt asked Hague how realistic his new movie "Ad Astra" is when it comes to physics.

The movie comes out on Sept, 20, but Hague and his fellow astronauts got to see it in advance.

To which Pitt asked Hague this question, "Nick, last question, and I need to call on your expertise. Who was more believable, Clooney or Pitt?"

"You were. Absolutely," said Hague.

The 20-minute chat ended with Pitt sharing, "I can't wait to brag to my kids."