Bret Michaels provides encouragement to fellow diabetics with concert at KS State Fair

HUTCHINSON, Kan. Poison head singer Bret Michaels brings encouragement to fellow diabetics with Thursday night's concert at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson.

Michaels is best known for churning out hits with one of the hair metal scene's most successful acts in the late 1980's and continuing to find success into the 1990's. But a lesser known fact about the singer connects him with fans going through a similar struggle.

Michaels was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child. Ahead of his performance Thursday, state fair officials say they've received comments through social media from people with diabetes excited to support Michaels as he takes the grandstand stage.

Among the crowd looking forward to seeing Michaels is Evan Goering, attending the concert on the front row with his service dog, Bree.

While Goering enjoys the show, Bree will stick by his side, ready to help her owner if needed.

"She detects if I'm high or low (blood-sugar level) and then alerts. She can smell my blood sugar by sniffing my hand," Goering says.