Broadband speeds fall fast as millions self-quarantine at home

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A challenge for students' learning online comes as broadband speeds across the U.S. fall fast with millions of Americans in self-quarantine at home.

Verizon this week put of a report that shows a 75 percent increase in gaming and a 20 percent increase in overall web traffic.

"Many of us have more people that are requiring bandwidth in our home simultaneously than we ever have before. What I mean by that is most folks have kiddos at home. Those kids are now having to tackle online school assignments, or they have spouses that are now at home as well, and they are all requiring bandwidth," says Jay McLaughlin with Wichita's RBS IT Solutions

To increase internet speed in your home, you may have to sacrifice video games and video streaming to preserve the bandwidth that's available.

"Defer gaming and some of those kinds of things for more leisurely time in the evening or early in the morning," McLaughlin says. "Save that bandwidth for your home."

Experts also recommend a hard-wire connection over a wireless connection. If you don't have an Ethernet cable, you can buy an adapter for your home online.

"The most common is going to be a USB adapter," McLaughlin says. "USB is a very standard universal port on your computer, and for 10 or $15, you can buy an adapter that would allow a computer to connect from a USB port to an Ethernet connection."

These two steps alone require some sacrifice, but ultimately will increase speed for your family and your neighbors.

"If you can be socially minded and be conscious of what you are doing and what you are consuming, you're going to ultimately be making a sacrifice that is going to benefit other people," McLaughlin says.