Buhler teens raise $10,000+ for victims of domestic violence

BUHLER, Kan. (KWCH) Five Buhler High School students who set out to raise awareness and help victims of domestic violence have gained their own community support.

In February, the group was assigned a student passion project. They chose the BrightHouse Shelter, a safe house for domestic violence victims.

"Seeing their faces it kind of showed us like first of all this isn't about us this is about them and that kind of helped us to push us," said Libby Schultz, a junior at Buhler.

She and her four other classmates set out to raise $500 to renovate one room. In less than two months, they raised more than $10,000 -- enough money to renovate six rooms.

"It’s very rare for young people to identify with the kinds of issues that we have and to take that personally to realize this could happen to any one of us," says BrightHouse Shelter Manager Chere Jurgens

When the Buhler students first started this project they weren't sure where the money would come from, it wasn't until their presentation at First Presbyterian Church in Hutchinson where donations started coming in.

"We were expecting like $500 max, and each day, we kept receiving text messages from her pastor saying that there was money coming in," said Lacie Branscom, a senior at Buhler. "We had checks coming in and a guy alone himself donated $3,000. So, we were just blown away."

Jurgens says this project will help families when they need it most

"Being able to walk into a place that’s going to be fresh and beautiful and welcoming it’s amazing how reassuring that’s going to be for those families." said Jurgens

Schultz says the hard work the group put into the will have a positive effect on families for years to come.

You can help the students' cause by donating to the shelter at .