Building at WSU evacuated due to chemical leak

Published: Jun. 1, 2017 at 6:06 PM CDT
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Fire crews and university police responded to an engineering building at Wichita State University Thursday afternoon in response to a chemical leak.

The reported spill caused Beggs Hall to be evacuated.

Eyewitness News reporter Trevor Macy spoke to an officer with the Wichita State Police Department, who says he's unsure exactly what chemical leaked or how much of it did.

He and others with the department were instructed to remove anyone from the building and then get out themselves, as fire crews did not want to take any chances with what might be inside.

A hazmat crew also responded to the scene.

Wichita fire officials say chemicals were stored in the building by a professor who no longer works at WSU. They say someone noticed a leak, but did not know what it was and as a precaution, called the fire department.

There were no reports of injuries, nor what caused the leak.