School bus drivers stress about slick roads

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) While some kids hope for more play time in the snow, Wichita School District doesn't have plans to cancel class Friday so far.

"It's fine," said 9-year-old Wyatt Smith. "I've seen snow before, but everybody else was like aww it's snow...freaking out."

Wyatt's little sister, Gracie, was one of those kids "freaking out."

"I was super excited," said Gracie. "My mind was blown when I first saw it."

Their mom, Brandy, drove school buses for six years, and now she's a substitute driver.

"It makes us nervous because you can't see that ice, and I think any driver's biggest fear is wrecking a bus with children on board," said Brandy.

Brandy says she's already thinking ahead to what roads will be like if she drives students Friday.

"What are the roads going to be like? What's traffic going to be like? Are people going to be smart and slow down and give us the room we need and drive safe around us, or are we going to have to deal with a bunch of crazies, so it's very stressful," said Brandy.

The roads in north Wichita weren't slick Thursday evening, but The City of Wichita has roads crews scheduled throughout the night. They'll be watching for slick spots and treating roads to make sure you have a safe drive to school or work in the morning.