Business in nation's capitol takes Wichita mayor away from NCAA Tournament action

WICHITA, Kan. Wichita is in the spotlight through Saturday, as INTRUST Bank Arena hosts first and second-round games of the NCAA Tournament.

On the first day of tournament games, Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell wasn't in town. He's in Washington, D.C., meeting with President Trump to talk about infrastructure.

"For me, it's a sacrifice to be (in Washington, D.C.) Lots of activities in Wichita, Kansas I would love to be at," Lonwell says.

His visit this week follows a trip to the nation's capitol last month to discuss improving local infrastructure.

While sad he's had to miss the start of an event Wichita has been preparing for for years, Longwell says his reason for leaving town is worth it toward seeing planned projects in Wichita come to fruition.

President Trump's infrastructure plan will use $200 billion in federal money to help local and state governments improve infrastructure.

In Sedwick County, some of the main projects that could use federal funding include the final three phases of the Kellogg project, improvements for the safety of the North Junction where I-135, I-235, K-96 and K-254 meet, and creating a Northwest Bypass.

Longwell says Wichita Vice Mayor Bryan Frye is handling the tournament on behalf of the city's leadership while he's gone.