Business offers stress less workshops for female students

Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 7:07 AM CST
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A Wichita business wants to help female students - by offering free "Stress Less" workshops.

The Hive is a female co-working space in downtown Wichita. This evening, it's hosting a workshop to help students learn coping methods for stress. It's not therapy, but it explains some of the science behind stress.

"We do student workshops and events to help them build community early on and help solve some of the problems that they're dealing with," said The Hive Founder and CEO, Andrea Stang.

The Hive offers students workshops on anything from resume building to stress management.

jessica tung

coworking space assistant

"It's all about balance as a student," said Coworking SPace Assistant Jessica Tung. "You want to have a social life while you're still young and you also want to get ready for the next steps while also not going crazy."

Lori Bender started Student Stress Less Coaching four years ago when she saw the long waiting lists for mental health services available to college students.

"Anxiety is the number one mental health issue that college students seek help for," Bender said.

She says stress management skills can prevent anxiety.

Bender explains the science behind stress, and how the mind floods the body with stress hormones.

She says when students see threats, like the fear of failing a test, or an argument with a friend, the solution isn't a quick fix like drinking more water.. or getting a pedicure.

She promotes positive lifestyle habits.

"Yes, self-care is very critical," Bender says. "But this is for long-lasting sustainable stress management."

The Hive says it wants to empower young women during a critical time in their life.

The Stress-Less Workshop is Wednesday evening at 7:30. It's free to any female high school or college student. You'll find more information here:

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