CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man burglarizes south Wichita home

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita resident is sharing surveillance footage to help police find the man who burglarized her south Wichita home.

She says it took the thief about 10 minutes to break in through her kitchen window and look through the house. Her dog and cat were inside.

The homeowner says the thief stole family heirloom jewelry including a pendant given to her deceased mother.

"The worst part was seeing how terrified my 18-month-old chocolate lab was," said the homeowner. "She did the best she could in barking and trying to alert someone. She has not been raised to be an attack dog. She's a family dog and friendly with others but both my animals knew something was wrong."

The thief took power tools, prescription medication and credit cards that have since been used at several area businesses.