CDC guidelines help businesses make sure they're reopening safely

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 6:11 PM CDT
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Whether it's a retail business, a restaurant or a salon, the Center for Disease Control lays out clear guidelines for businesses to follow, making sure they're reopening safely.

Any business can use the CDC's decision tools to ask the big question: Should you consider reopening? For the answer to be "yes," two requirements need met. The first is for the business to reopen by local and state law. The second is for the business to be able to protect employees that fall into a category that puts them at an elevated risk for severe illness.

If either main requirement isn't met, the CDC says don't open. If both are covered, a business waiting to reopen moves on to this question: Are recommended health and safety actions in place? This includes promoting hand washing, mask wearing, disinfecting regularly and encouraging social distancing through various means that include promoting telework (employees working remotely) if possible and training employees on health and safety protocols.

Only if all of this is covered does the CDC say a business can move on to the final question to consider before reopening: Is ongoing monitoring in place?

The CDC says a business needs adequate health and hygiene signage, flexible sick plans for employees and the ability to constantly monitor the health of its employees.

These are all benchmarks to move on to the final step: Open and monitor. You can find decision tools for businesses to follow in their efforts to reopen safely on the