Cafe's closure from flood damage a blow to small Marion County town

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 6:19 PM CDT
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A small Marion County town is fighting to reopen its only restaurant. Last week, flood waters forced the Main Street cafe in Durham to close.

Days after the Fourth of July flood in Marion County, there's one main question on the minds of people in Durham: Will the Main Street Cafe reopen?

The restaurant attracts visitors to the town of about 100 people. Time Svoboda who runs the co-op in Durham says he's even taken calls from out of state wondering if the cafe will open again.

For now, the Main Street Cafe is deserted, the inside gutted from several feet of floodwater. Sandbags and debris now sit outside the place that's so special to people in Marion County.

"I live in Abilene and people tell me all the time, 'hey, when we go through Durham, we stop at the cafe and we just love it there," Main Street Cafe customer Steve Wedel says. "It's a big part of everyone's social life."

Other businesses in Durham are dealing with the same flooding problems, including the post office, which could be destroyed. But people say it's the cafe that keeps visitors coming back, even from hundreds of miles away.

"They got great sausage and the best pies in the world," says Ron Eitzen, form Dallas.

Those pies keep Eitzen coming back from hundreds of miles away. It's the kind of support that's helped to generate donations toward repairing and reopening the cafe.

By Wednesday afternoon, a

campaign for the reopening effort had raised more than $2,500.

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