California lawmakers propose soda tax, ban on large sugary drinks

(CNN) A soda may soon cost you more in California.

Lawmakers plan to introduce five bills which will not only tax soda and other sugary drinks but also will limit serving sizes, coupons and deal and in store displays of those drinks. The bills would also require warning labels similar to ones found on cigarettes.

The California Medical Association and California Dental association both support the move.

"Sugar-sweetened beverages are the single largest source of added sugar in the diet of young people," says Shannon Udvic-Constant, California Medical Association.

Some of the tax money will go to education and offset health and economic costs associated with over-consumption of sugar.

Lawmakers have not set a price on that tax yet.

Assembly member Richard Bloom saying in the past he's looked at around 2 cents per liquid ounce.

Kids and parents at a south Sacramento gas station say they're not so sure about these bills.

"It's up to a parent to say, hey that's enough," Jay Marquez said.

He allows his son to have an occasional icee. While he does not support the tax, he also admits the cost won't stop him from buying his son what he wants.

"I don't even look at the price some time half the day, when it comes to him he gets a hundred at school, then I don't care about the price," Marquez said.

Four of the bills are on the Assembly side while one is on the Senate side. If passed, senate bill 347 would make California the first state to require a warning label on sodas.