Wichita camera experts offer advice for eclipse selfies

WICHITA. Kan. For the last few weeks, people have been showing up to Moler's Camera to grab lenses to capture Monday's solar eclipse. For most of them, they've been out of luck.

Moler's won't have an UV camera lenses again until the end of the year. However, those willing to take a quick lesson in photography found luck at the store with expert Jesse McCullough.

"You can absolutely take selfies in terms of it won't damage your camera at all," McCullough said.

McCullough went through examples of how to shoot selfies during the eclipse. One of his biggest tips, though, was to also look around you to take in the people and objects during the eclipse as well.

"What I would recommend is shoot pictures of people under eclipse light," McCullough said. "It's really interesting light, it doesn't happen often, and it makes people look a certain way that you really can't achieve otherwise."