Cancer survivor walking across country makes it to KS

MEADE, Kan. A California man is walking from coast to coast from the Golden State to Boston. He's making the walk with an IV pole, aiming to spread awareness for childhood cancer and camps available for young cancer patients.

Kevin Fern, a 30-year cancer survivor started his journey in April in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Tuesday marked Day 61 of his walk So far, Fern has traveled 1,300 miles, making it to southwest Kansas.

"There's a silence about it. There's a personal quiet about it and God gave me good feet," Fern says. "I am never having issues with my feet for the most part as far as blisters are concerned."

In 1985, Fern dragged an IV pole in a hospital when he went through Chemo therapy.

"The IV pole to me was not a very good friend and it was something when I was disconnected from the chemo for the week, I felt free, man," he says. "Free from the pole, free from the chemo, free from the cancer."

Having won his fight against cancer gives Fern a freedom that's allowed him to see the world in a different way. Next week, he'll make a stop in north Wichita, speaking to children impacted by cancer at Camp Hiawatha.

He has more than 1,700 miles to go until he reaches the Boston Children's Hospital, but he hopes to spread awareness step by stop.

You can learn more about Fern, his journey and how to donate toward camps here on his website.