Candlelight vigil held on second anniversary of Andrew Finch's death

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Today marks two years since a hoax emergency call led to Wichita police fatally shooting Andrew Finch at his home.

Saturday night family and friends held a vigil at the home Finch was killed at for the second year in a row to remember his life, and how it ended.

“It was all so avoidable, there was no reason for that to happen at all that night two years ago tonight,” said Andrew’s mom, Lisa Finch.

Police say the hoax call that led to Finch's death stemmed from an argument during an online video game. Finch was not part of the argument or the game from which it escalated.

Officers responded to what they thought was a hostage situation. The investigation later revealed the swatting call to 911 that led to the wrongful death was made from a man in California.

Dozens of people showed up to show their support for the family, including Wichita’s next mayor Brandon Whipple.

“I wanted to show support for a mother who lost her son and wanted to let her know as the next mayor of Wichita, I stand with other members of the community in sharing her grief and her loss,” said Whipple.

Others who showed up say they don't have any connection to the family but feel it was their responsibility to be there.

“Andrew wasn't doing anything wrong,” said Elle Botman. “He wasn’t engaged in criminal activity.

Lisa Finch says she'll never stop fighting for a change in laws.

“I’m sitting down at the beginning of the year with policy makers and government officials because this should have never happened,” said Lisa.