Caught on camera: Frantic fox tries to get into shop on Herington property

HERINGTON, Kan. Sally Catlin had video rolling as a wild animal tried with all its might to get into the shop where she stood with her dog, Ellie.

Catlin says Sunday, the fox bit at Ellie. Monday, she heard her dog again fighting with something. She went outside to look and Ellie came to her. The fox followed and stopped a few feet away.

Catlin brought her dog inside the shop on her Herington property. She closed the door. Foxes are said to be clever and in that department, this animal did not disappoint as it tried to get inside the shop. Catlin says it would've been successful had she not locked the building's door.

She called police and the game warden for fear that this fox could be rabid. She says they'll likely set traps in order to catch the fox and make sure this isn't the case.

"We do see foxes. We live on the edge of town and have acres behind us and we do see foxes cross back there into a wooded area also every year, but I've never seen one this close and not afraid of people at all, and actually fighting with the other animals," Catlin says.

She says she'll take some extra caution when she lets Ellie outside.

"I will keep my eyes open any time we go outside and especially to let the dog out in the middle of the night," Catlin says. "You know, I think I'm going to stand right there at the door and keep an eye on her until she's back in."