Central Plains School District considers consolidation as option to save money

WILSON, Kan. (KWCH) The Central Plains School District is looking at four different ways to save $600,000 a year. All options include closing a building.

"One of the options would involve bussing our seventh through twelfth-grade students to the school in Claflin," said Wilson parent, David Criswell.

Claflin High School is more than 20 miles from Wilson schools. It's also about a 30-minute commute. Parents like Nate Pasek say it's concerning.

"The roads from here to Claflin is not the best roads to travel on and put your kids on every single day," said Pasek.

He is so against the bussing option that he and his wife have talked about moving if the district decides to consolidate.

"I grew up in this town. This is where I graduated, you know. I'm from Dorance, but I've been in this community my whole life, you know. So making that decision to pack up and move out would be tough, but it definitely is on the table for me and my family," said Pasek.

The school board says it's looking at each option carefully, especially the one involving bussing one.

"We feel like as a district we would lose a lot of students who would not want to be bussed down, so our net savings would not be as great, and we could still end up losing. We'd lose so many students we'd still need to cut the budget," said Superintendent Greg Clark.

He says it's all about doing what's best for the students.

"As we are right now, do not have the student body to support operating four school buildings," said Clark.