ChaserCon draws storm chasers from across the country to Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Our Storm Team 12 storm chasers are trained professionals. They're among hundreds of others in Wichita this weekend to learn more about the science behind severe weather and how to cover it safely.

Eddie Aldrine says storm chasers supplement meteorologists by giving a look at what's beneath those clouds on the radar.

"Chasers are really used to get ground truth reports, to actually say what’s going on on the ground, since you really can’t tell from the radar," says Aldrine.

Roger Hill co-founded Chaser Con. He says this weekend is a refresher for chasers ahead of severe weather season.

"The majority of storm chasers are very safety conscious, and they try to do anything they can to help," he says.

Guest speakers, like Dr. Greg Forbes, a severe weather expert from The Weather Channel, are brought in to give chasers ways to improve.

"If they see a tornado they will immediately, call the national weather service or call the local law-enforcement. Report to them exactly what they’re seeing, where the tornado is located, so that can become part of the warning process to try to help keep people safe," he said.