Cheney Lake boaters delaying winterizing boats due to nice weather

CHENEY, Kan. (KWCH) After our first big cold front of the season, people are starting to pack up their summer activities and prepare for cooler temperatures.

Boaters at Cheney Lake say a little chill and wind is better than being closed and flooded.

"It was a very, very short season this year. With the floods, it took a way a good two months of our summer. So it just made everything very condensed," said Amy Claphan, boater.

Cheney Lake Marina Owner Kevin O'Brien says boaters refuse to call it quits. Instead of preparing for winter, they're taking advantage of every last ray of warm weather as they can.

"We didn't have many people pulling boats out. Only about 10% of people have pulled their boats out so far. A lot of them are glad they didn't because they've been out today on this gorgeous day," O'Brien said.

"Maybe in the next couple of weeks there will be more that will start pulling them out of the slips and more people starting to winterize their campers and get stuff put away for the year," said Claphan.

O'Brien says the marina isn't going to recover from losing the Memorial Day and Fourth of July crowds due to flooding, but he hopes for more mild fall days to keep the season going a little longer.